Angela Merci is a character in the Lunar Shadow Project.


Angela has long, blonde hair with a single fringe between her blue eyes. She has fair skin and wears red lipstick. From her back, are two orange wings; the insides of the wings are a dark purplish color. Both wings are curved.


Angela's outfit consists of a blue top worn under a red top, with a dark purple miniskirt and a light purple belt. Her hands are covered with dark reddish-purple elbow-length gloves. She wears a pair of high-heeled thigh-high boots that are reddish in color, with the boots being darker red from the ankle downwards. She sometimes wears a black face-concealing gas mask; the mask itself has silver lenses and has a single black strap that goes around her head.

Other Information

She is said to be a mysterious winged girl, and her true intentions are a mystery.