The Dark Armor is an outfit in Lunar Shadow. Notably, it has to be equipped in order to obtain the Betrayal Ending.


Serenity Horton has black elbow-length gloves and a black face-concealing gas mask. She also removes her shoes. Otherwise, her outfit remains unchanged from her default one. Serenity's clones all wear the Dark Armor.


It is obtained at the Top Floor, in Ataraxis' room. It cannot be obtained until Ataraxis has been defeated, however.


Equipping it appears to grant the ability to breathe underwater. It also corrupts those who bear the Taint of the Hortons - however, an Untainted Horton (like Ilina Horton) would not be corrupted.


  • It is the only outfit that has to be equipped in order to obtain any ending in Lunar Shadow.
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