3-HP ModeAcidic BubbleAidan Flamberge
Alexis FlambergeAngela MerciAnkh Pendant
AquaArcanumAzehrys Chan
Bad HeartCastle MasterChakram
Ciel SorcièreConfusion Zone (LS)Crescent Moon
Dark ArmorDyznoirEleanor Flamberge
ElementsEndingsEntrance (LS)
Entrance (LSZ)ErzaEvan O'Neill
Explosion PulseFelinoidFire Sphere
FireballFoodGas Mask
Ginny AndersonGoddessGolden Life Capsule
GrialdynGrié'dýrGrié'dýr Guardian
HP - A Guide to Health PointsHiranya MitsuruHuman
IagaosIgnis du BlazeIlina Horton
In-Game ModesInvidiaInvidia (character)
Invidia (weapon)IquaroxIrving
Janelle RogózKeysKousendia Blom
Laboratory (LS)Life CapsuleLife Capsules and Newerthians
Life Capsules in Lunar ShadowLife PotLunadine Crimstaine
Lunar BlastLunar ShadowLunar Shadow (mod)
Lunar Shadow Project WikiaLunar Shadow ZEROLunar Sickle
Lunar Soul CastleMaidMap System
Martel AarMicrenMisery's End
Missile LauncherMyst Zone (LS)Nemesis
Nemesis (character)New Lunar Soul CastleNewerth
Newerthian ClockNought CeleritasRay Pistol
ReposeReservoir (LS)Ryuuko Tsukihana
Selena Daria van der MerweSelenic ShadowSerenity Clones
Serenity HortonSerenthServant Quarters (LS)
Servant Quarters KeyShadow SerenityShana
Shiki TashikiShinica HortonShiori Shauntal
SickleSickle (weapon)Solar Shadow
Solar Shadow 2Squid MedalSycor
SynhartTaint of the HortonsTainted
TerraThe Guardian BeastsThe Taint (books)
TiamatTop FloorTop Floor (LS)
Tower (LS)Unknown(Race)Valerie Horton
ValkyrieValkyrie HortonValkyrie Wings
Version DifferencesVoraoriteWarp Door
What are Gasmasks? (book)XyzZero's Lament

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