The Map System is a special item that allows the player to view a map of the current room. It is also known as the Map Maker. When obtained, it usually allows the player to display the map by pressing "W".

Lunar Shadow ZERO

Evan O'Neill starts with the Map Maker in his inventory.

Lunar Shadow

The Map System is found at the Entrance treasury. However, Sycor and Irving have to be defeated in order to obtain it.

Selenic Shadow

The Map Maker can be found somewhere in Grié'dýr, behind a star block. The Ray Gun is required.


Lunar Shadow ZERO

MAP MAKER: a gift from my twenty-third birthday. It displays a map of the area. It says "press 'W' to display map"?

Lunar Shadow

Normal description:

MAP SYSTEM: a device that displays a map of the area, usually. You can press W to use it outside of the inventory.
Selected description:
The Map System is malfunctioning. Perhaps it was made to work only inside of the castle, which is now ruined?
The "selected description" is only available after escaping the Lunar Soul Castle.

Selenic Shadow

MAP MAKER: Displays a map of the area you are in. You can activate it by pressing W. This does not recreate maps, however.


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