Solar Shadow 2 is a fan-game created by Pteriforever. It was first released on February 24th, 2016. Originally planned as a prequel to Solar Shadow, it was eventually made into a reboot as it was decided that the original's story didn't make sense.


In 2017, sometime after the events of Lunar Shadow X, the New Lunar Soul Castle was built on top of the ruins of the original Lunar Soul Castle by Eron Araia Armweak, who took over the position of Castle Master after the death of Aidan Flamberge.

In 2022, a mysterious new Castle Master suddenly deposed Eron. This drew the suspicion of the TIA, who sent Selena Daria to shut down the castle.


The game has the following areas:


The following characters appear in Solar Shadow 2.

Name Gender Race Notes
Andrea Yauman Female Valkyrie
Ataraxis Female Valkyrie (clone)
Eron Araia Armweak Female Human
Nought Celeritas Female Unknown
Selena Daria van der Merwe Female Human


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