Synhart is a planet in the Serenth galaxy. It is similar to Earth, much like Newerth. It has rather low-level technology, as it has yet to discover electricity.


  • Pronunciation: sin-hart
  • IPA: /ˈsɪnhɑːrt/


Seasons on Synhart are almost similar to those of Earth and Newerth. However, each season lasts a month, rather than three months. Instead of Southern or Northern Hemispheres, Synhart has Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

Eastern Hemisphere seasons

  • Spring: January, May, September
  • Summer: February, June, October
  • Autumn: March, July, November
  • Winter: April, August, December

Western Hemisphere seasons

  • Spring: July, November, March
  • Summer: August, December, April
  • Autumn: September, May, January
  • Winter: October, June, February


Synhart has six continents: